Echoes of a Living World

Long ago vast cities spread across the lands and touched the sky.  The people thrived from their advance technologies creating a near utopia.  Utopias can never be achieved, as they have an elusive nature.  There will always be conflict.  The strife that ended the world of old was not one between armies of man.  They were between the people and the very ground they stood on in an event known as The Awakening.

No recorded history has been found from the world of old that gives a reason why, only warning signs leading up to the world itself waking up.  The world is alive and had been sleeping since before people ever existed.  When it awoken it changed.  The world groaned and cracked, the terrain changing violently.  Mountains raised and fell, ripping cities in half.  Oceans drained and reformed across once dry plains.  Millions died and civilization was destroyed in one fell swoop.  Finally the world calmed and seemed to return to slumber.  To this day, no one knows why this happened, or how soon it will happen again. Some say it was angry at the creatures that lived on it, or that it acted as a hungry beast, feeding from the lives lost. Others theorize it was merely shaken awaken by a nightmare.

With the great losses from the destructive change a gift arose.  Where the world had torn wounds into itself during The Awakening, a bright amber liquid flowed from deep within its crust. These mystical waters that flow deep within the earth have been named the Evrentide.  It is the lifeblood of the world.  Over time creatures and plants near the forming streams and pools changed.  They grew stronger, larger, and smarter or changed to an even greater dramatic extent to better survive in the new landscape. peoples also benefited from these strange waters.  Imbibing gifted the drinker with the potential for magic.  It is not without cost as the same mutations that impacted flora and fauna also can affect the people drinker, be it mind or body.

Much time has passed since The Awakening. Only hints of the old world littering the landscape remain.  Ruins of the old cities crumble, faded echos of their former glory.  Technology and the knowledge behind them have become relics waiting to be discovered and secrets to be unraveled. 

The decedents of the survivors have rebuilt a sense of civilization.  They are not alone however, as new intelligent species have emerged and battles for territory continue to this day. The older generations warn of another Awakening as there have been signs of slight changes in the landscapes.  The same signs found in ancient   Younger folk ignore these warnings, claiming it stories are just there to keep people in line.

Life in this new world is one of danger.  The wilderness filled with dangerous beasts, mutants and deadly marauders.  Corrupt sorcerers, cultists and others driven mad from drawing upon the power of the Evrentide scheme away in their hidden lairs.  The leaders of the great tamed regions look to expand their territory through blood and pain and there is the possibility of the very ground you walk on changing with a murmur of the world.  Many face these dangers as the world of Evrentide holds many secrets. They hopes for treasure, power, glory or face them simply for the pure necessity for survival. 



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